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Van sought in hit-and-run accident in Knoxville

A significant portion of accidents involve drivers who fail to stop at the scene and try to assist the other party or fail to wait for law enforcement. These types of accidents are referred to as hit-and-run accidents -- and they are more common than you may think. The reasons behind the actions of hit-and-run drivers vary from someone who has no insurance to someone who may have a police record to someone who simply panicked.

Police were left to ask the public for information relating to a recent hit-and-run accident that occurred in Knoxville, Tennessee. A van veered off its course and struck two male pedestrians. The two men were walking along the road's shoulder with a third man and a dog when the collision occurred. The large white van left the scene, according to a witness.

While the victims of this hit-and-run accident did not suffer injuries that were life threatening, they did require a trip to the hospital. Whenever you hear a story about pedestrians hit by cars, there is a good possibility that the victims will require some medical attention. They may even be unable to work for a period of time and could suffer continuous problems as a result of the accident.

This is why it is important for people who have been injured in accidents to find out what their legal rights are -- something that is frequently accomplished by speaking with an attorney experienced in personal injury. While the van and its driver in this case have yet to be found, the victims can still retain an attorney to assist them with their next steps, including possibly seeking compensation from a negligent party.

Source: WATE-TV, "2 pedestrians sent to hospital in Knoxville hit-and-run," Dec. 9, 2012

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