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2 people killed in freeway auto accident in Covington

Traveling on a freeway requires a great deal of concentration due to the presence of other cars, which often are moving at different rates of speed. Special care should be taken to remain aware of one's surroundings and it is a good idea to keep the vehicle a safe distance from others. Many law enforcement agencies recommend that Tennessee drivers should stay several car lengths behind when driving at high speeds, but unfortunately few people follow that rule. When these safety guidelines are disregarded, the result can be freeway accidents that are fatal, as in the following story.

Two women were killed when their SUV flipped onto its roof on U.S. 51. The auto accident, which occurred in Covington, was caused by another woman in a Ford Explorer. While there is not a great deal of information available, it is said that the woman hit the back of the victims' vehicle, on the corner.

The victims' SUV then slammed into a pole with such force that the vehicle somehow ended upside down. The two women were the only passengers in the SUV. It was not revealed what caused the Explorer to collide with the other SUV.

Undoubtedly the families of these women are now trying to deal with the sudden loss that has occurred as the result of the crash. There will be funeral arrangements to make and new financial strain as the families work to figure out how to pay for the unexpected costs. One thing that they can do is consult with an attorney who can advise them on what legal actions they can take against the potentially at-fault driver.

Source: The Commercial Appeal, "Covington crash kills 2, injures 1," Timberly Moore, Jan. 4, 2013

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