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Maryville car accident sends 5 people to local hospital

When someone is waiting to pull out of a parking lot, it is customary and polite for a driver to slow down and allow them to enter if it can be safely done. You often see people exhibiting this kind of behavior around Clinton and drivers certainly appreciate it. However, this can also lead to a car accident if there are drivers not paying attention. When this occurs, there can be serious injuries incurred by the victims.

A pizza delivery man and the 28-year-old female driver of a Ford Explorer involved in a three-car crash are expected to be alright while the condition of three children was not immediately known. The children were in the car with the woman. All five were taken to a nearby hospital after the delivery driver collided with the Ford. The 61-year-old male driver of the third vehicle, a pickup, apparently was unharmed.

The Ford Explorer collided with the pickup after being struck by the delivery driver in Maryville. Apparently, the crash occurred when the delivery man pulled out of a parking lot into the path of the Explorer after being signaled by another driver that the coast was clear. The delivery man was trying to steer his vehicle into the opposite lane of traffic and must not have seen the approach of the SUV.

Law enforcement did not say who was at fault for the accident but the woman was in her lane at the time the wreck occurred. If the delivery driver is determined to be at fault for the collision, then the woman may want to discuss her options with an attorney to seek compensation for her injuries, the injuries of the children and the damage to her vehicle.

Source: The Daily Times, "Five transported in crash; driver in stable condition," Wes Wade, Feb. 10, 2013

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