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Alcohol suspected in fatal Hamblen County accident

When someone is hit by a drunk driver it can be a difficult event for family and friends to come to terms with. There are usually many unanswered questions as to why the person had chosen to drink and drive and why someone else did not stop them, especially if they were coming from a party or a drinking establishment. For the victim of the drunk driver, there can be months of rehabilitation to go through or learning to adjust to a physical disability.

These questions are likely being asked by the families of two people after a fatal accident that recently occurred in Hamblen County. Law enforcement suspect alcohol in the three-vehicle crash but have not said why they suspect the driver was inebriated. One of the drivers died when a semi-truck's trailer rolled into their vehicle; the semi was hit head-on by a man in a pickup.

As law enforcement and authorities go through the process of investigating the cause of the accident, the evidence they find will be important to the family of the deceased victim and of the injured victim. Such information may be able to help the victim and the families in seeking appropriate compensation for the damage caused by the impaired driver.

Compensation can be used to pay for a number of things such as medical expenses, burial and funeral costs, car damage, pain and suffering, and future medical care. When someone is considering filing a lawsuit against a drunk driver, it may be a good idea to meet with an experienced attorney who can advise them on how the legal system works.

Source: Knox News, "One killed, two injured in Hamblen County crash," Deborah Ince, June 15, 2013 

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