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Church bus crash on Interstate 40 kills 8 and injures 14 - worst bus crash in 41 years

The worst bus crash in forty-one years occurred on October 2, 2013, in Dandridge, Tennessee. A church bus, owned and operated by the Front Street Baptist Church in Statesville, North Carolina, was on its way back from Gatlinburg, Tennessee. It crossed a median on Interstate 40 and collided with an SUV, and subsequently a tractor-trailer. The collision killed eight people and injured fourteen others.

Six of the individuals killed were passengers of the Front Street Baptist Church bus; one was in the Chevy Tahoe; and one was the driver of the semi-truck.

Currently, the Tennessee Department of Transportation is investigating the cause of the accident.

Any time there is a tragedy of this proportion, it is essential that people obtain immediate legal representation. Attorneys can do their best work the earlier in the process they are notified, which may entail hiring an accident reconstructionist and contacting insurance companies.

With a tragedy this significant there will not be enough insurance proceeds to compensate the families of the victims. Therefore, the cases are usually settled on a first-filed basis.

Also, the jurisdiction of the claims has to be in East Tennessee, where the accident occurred. Therefore, most attorneys are not licensed to practice beyond the State in which they are licensed. Therefore, local attorneys are a preferential contact point, then out-of-state counsel.

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